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      aynGames would like to reward you for playing our games and participating in our community.

      These rewards come in the form of “Awards”, status symbols that you may show off to your friends when they click on the “Award” link on your profile!
    • But that’s not all! Awards come with other benefits too, which will be presented to you in the form of Award Points (Increases your Award Level!), Mileage (Exchangeable for Mokens!) or even In-Game Items!
    • What Awards Are There?
      We have separate Awards for Portal and In-Game Activity, which you may access through the corresponding tabs above.

      When you look at an award, you will be presented with the following information:
      1. 1 Award Title
      2. 2 Award Requirement
      3. 3 Award Benefit
      Award Title: The Title of the Award
      Award Requirement: What you must do to win that Award
      Award Benefit: What you will receive when you win that Award
    • Winning Awards!
      When you have reached the requirements for winning a certain reward, you will automatically win that Award and receive an email with more information on that Award.
      However, some Awards require you to update your In-Game Activity Info.

      To do that, simply navigate to the game you wish to update, and click on the “Update Game Activity Info” button!
    • Award Levels
      1. 1 Award Title
      2. 2 Award Requirement
      3. Your Award Level goes up as you accumulate Award Points. So why wait?
        Become the highest Award Level MaynGamer today!
    • Award Point 110 LV.1